Spanking Images: Revised

So it's said that a picture says 1000 words...

Apparently...some people don't like the words the pictures that USED to be on this page said.

That's right. Someone reported this particular page saying that the images I had here violated copyright. No attempts to contact support helped me figure out which of the 40+ images I had here were supposedly a violation of that. 

Apparently, the truth hurts and the images don't lie.

I've removed any that look like they may be staged pics made by someone who may have a copyright on them somehow. (To my knowledge none of them were to begin with.)

Since I'm kinda' afraid to put pics here now...please...just simply put, "Spanking" into Google...and then click "images." Look at what you see. (But, be prepared for the sexual side of spanking. You may have to specify "spanking children")

 The point of this page was for people to compare these images to the ones in the right column of the blog...and you tell me if spanking is God's way???

If hitting/spanking is God's way then you should be able to superimpose an image of Jesus over each of the spank-ers in these photos...

Really, these images say enough, don't they???

Read a typical example of what pro-spankers are like...

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