Instead of Spanking

If you are the type of person who hates to spank and only does it as a "last resort"...Here are some great links to articles to help you get ideas to make that last resort farther and farther away from you ever having to do it. The more creative and educated you are...the less you'll have to resort to hitting...

How Can You Set Limits If You Don't Use Threats to Enforce Them?

10 Things To Do Instead of Grounding Your Kid

What To Say Instead of Punishing To Teach a Lesson

How to Raise a Moral, Responsible Child -- without Punishment

Why Punishment Doesn't Teach Your Child Accountability

Could You Dare NOT To Discipline?

10 Ways To Guide Children Without Punishment

How To Be The Parent Your Child Always Wanted

You CAN Stop Yelling. Here's your 10 step plan.

What If You've Made Mistakes As a Parent?

How To Love Unconditionally When You're Angry

What's the Difference Between Limits and Consequences?

Are You Drinking Rat Poison? The Secret of Forgiveness.

The Gift of a Strong-Willed Child

Life Happens: Why it's ok to make mistakes with your kids

When Your Child Makes You Want To Scream: 10 Steps to Calm

When Your Child Is Hellbent on Misbehaving

How Can You Learn to Behave, If You're Never Punished?

10 Things to Remember When Your Child Gets Angry

When Your Toddler Grabs from the Baby

Coaching Big Sibs: When the Younger Child is Aggressive

How To Stop Your Toddler From Hitting Older Siblings

How to Stop Sibling Hitting

How To Reconnect with Your Child When You’re Having a Hard Day

8 Steps to Help Your Child Develop Self Control

Your Child, Better Behaved in 3 days

When Your Toddler Hits You

When Your Child Hits You

Tougher Than Lion Taming: When Your Child Hits Your Other Child

10 Steps To Stop Your Child from Hitting Other Kids

The most important thing you're teaching your child

12 Alternatives to Punishment

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