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"I was Spanked and I'm fine..."
"If we justify violence against children as a way to take care of them then we are not fine….and possibly trying very hard to deny the fear and anger we felt toward our parents when we were spanked….trying to make it okay. It wasn’t okay then and it isn’t okay now."

It's time for the US to ban Spanking
"The defense in spanking is that by doing so you teach your child to stop an action you no longer want them to do. Spankers believe that the pain of being hit will remind them to listen and obey. But is this true?"

Spanking Children: Does the Bible Tell me So?
"The fact is these very verses in Proverbs have not only been poorly translated but they have been irresponsibly read out of their historical context and misapplied. For example, the word translated "rod," that might have inspired an Adrian Peterson, or perhaps my grandmother, to go outside and "cut a switch" off a tree in the backyard, is used by King David in an entirely different way in Psalm 23--The LORD is my Shepherd--where we have the line: "They rod and thy staff they comfort me..." (v. 4). The Hebrew word translated "rod" (Shevet) clearly does not have to refer to physical beating but can be a metaphor for general discipline and "leading," as with sheep and a shepherd. It is also the word that refers to a tribal leader--who carries a staff or sceptre of leadership--not to beat his fellow clan members, but to lead and direct them. It is used over 180 times in the Hebrew Bible--never with the connotation of beating."

"I was spanked and I turned out..."

James Dobson and Adrian Peterson
"Dobson and others like him talk again and again and again of the importance of parental love and tenderness. They simply couple that with language about the importance of defeating children and winning battles and showing them who’s boss. In this way they are able to promote child abuse while claiming they’re notpromoting child abuse. What they forget is that it does not matter how many times they tell parents to love their children, if they tell those same parents that they must hit their children until their children surrender and are conquered, they are promoting child abuse. Some children will roll over and admit defeat to avoid further beating, yes, but others will hold out, and some will end up with bruises, welts, or open lacerations—like Adrian Peterson’s son. And some will die."

Punishment or Child Abuse?
"While 70 percent of Americans approve of corporal punishment, black Americans have a distinct history with the subject. Beating children has been a depressingly familiar habit in black families since our arrival in the New World. As the black psychiatrists William H. Grier and Price M. Cobbs wrote in “Black Rage,” their 1968 examination of psychological black life: “Beating in child-rearing actually has its psychological roots in slavery and even yet black parents will feel that, just as they have suffered beatings as children, so it is right that their children be so treated.”"

Hitting is Hitting
"Stop making it a game of semantics. Stop pretending that it’s okay to hit children if you add certain qualifiers. Stop refusing to see spanking for what it is. Stop believing that children are lesser beings than other humans. Stop perpetuating the cycle of violence. Stop ignoring the fact that if you’re still advocating for hitting people smaller than you that you are not fine. Stop equating DISCIPLINE with PUNISHMENT. Stop defending people who hit their children, and start speaking out for the people who can’t speak out for themselves.

And to my fellow Christians? Stop using misinterpretations of the Bible as an excuse for hitting children."

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