Friday, June 21, 2013

Reasons to Spank

What are some reasons you might spank your children? And, why do you do it?

Running out into the street
If they run out into the street they could get hit by a car and get hurt! 

Grabbing at the stove
If they pull something hot off of the stove onto themselves they could get hurt!

Playing around near or doing something dangerous
They might get hurt!

Hitting someone
Hitting is not nice! They could hurt someone!

Biting someone
Biting is not nice! They could hurt someone!

Not sharing
Not sharing is not nice! They could hurt someone's feelings!

Disobeying you
Someday they may disobey you and end up getting hurt!

Most of the reasons we spank really are because we are trying to prevent our children from being hurt or hurting others. We're only trying to prevent them from being hurt and hurting others. 


So...let's be clear on this now...what we do is hurt our teach them how to avoid hurting and being hurt.


And, then we wonder "what's wrong with kids these days?" 

We wonder why after spending their entire childhoods "being hurt" by us to teach them to avoid things that hurt them...that they become adolescents who want to avoid us?

I think it's time for parents to start thinking and using their words.

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