Monday, August 24, 2015

"Life with Cerebral Palsy" with Stephanie Cox: Ronan the horse

(Written August 4th)

My husband and I are from Northern IL. We recently went up there as my mother-in-law is dying and may be Home with the Lord by the time you read this. I just have to share this horse experience with you.

I had an absolutely awesome experience with a horse! My 12-year-old nephew takes horse riding lessons every Friday night and we went to watch. It was so nice and cool there. It was fun sitting out watching him, talking with Chip's sister, and there was a kitty there too which we loved on since we missed our kitties so much.

After my nephew finished his lesson, the horse staff came over to meet us and asked if I wanted to see Ronan. Of course I did. So they got him where I could reach him and he looked at me with total love and nuzzled my hand and kissed my hand a lot while maintaining eye contact with me the entire time. Then he ate grass off my tray. I was talking to him the whole time.  

It took me by surprise because I started crying. I'm an emotional person and love animals, but just the deep connection we experienced was like supernatural. Just pure, unconditional love! Just thinking about it makes me tear up. He wasn't afraid of my movements and just WOW! AWESOME!! What I experienced with Ronan is something I can't put into words.

This was not my first encounter with horses. I've ridden horses as a child in Girl Scouts and at a horse show. Someone would hold me on the horse while someone slowly led the horse around. This is why this experience was so unexpected and deep for Ronan and me. I have had these experiences with my own animals.

I love how animals and young children can look past my cp to ME! I wish all humans could do the same. I'm so grateful to God for using Ronan to love and comfort me during a tough time.

~ Steph

In memory of my second mom, Arliss Cox
October 31, 1920~August 8, 2015

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