Monday, November 3, 2014

Choose your assistant! Facebook comments on spanking tell the truth.

Imagine you have just crashed in an airplane and are now utterly alone in a different country where you are completely ignorant of their customs and language. 

You were injured in the accident and so you need help getting from place to place, bathing, and going to the bathroom. And as your brain is healing from the trauma, you confuse easily and tend to make poor decisions and even have fits from time to time because of this.

The doctors assure that you will "outgrow" the fits and poor decisions as your brain heals from the accident. But, until then it is necessary for you to have an assistant to help and guide you.

You have been granted access to an assistant to teach you the customs and language of the new world you live in. This assistant will help you in all the physical things you need help with, as well. And, this person will be in charge of assisting you when you make stupid decisions as you learn how to be part of this new country.

You are choosing your assistant based on what your potential assistant will do with you to help you during those many many times that you will make mistakes and break the cultural customs, mess up the language, and make decisions which are unhealthy, unsafe, or undesirable in the country you now reside...

The assistant organization posts a "test post" on Facebook about reacting to a person who has had a moment that requires teaching...and it is up to you to look at the comments by potential assistants and choose one...

Test Comment: 

Which of the following potential assistants would you choose to help you as you learn how to live in your new country based on their responses to the above scenario in which a person is viewed responding to the person they are responsible for with force? Any of these??

Or, would you choose one of the following people to be your assistant...

Your child is new to this world...and need to learn the customs and language as well as how to make decisions with their brand new but underdeveloped brains. 

Children do not arrive ready to do everything perfectly...that's why they need assist and guide them (like a shepherd) to help them learn.

And, most importantly...your child is a PERSON.

What type of person would you want being in charge of you if it was you?

And, what type of person in charge are you?

For Christians who believe that NOT spanking is "of the world" compare the comments from both sides. These were not "hand picked" but represent a typical spanking discussion thread anywhere on the internet. 

Note there is one side of the argument which relies on threats, cuss words, disrespect, all with an abundance of poor spelling

On the other side you see high levels of intelligence, reliance on facts, peace, respect for others. 

Which side do you think is more like Jesus? And, which side are you on?

And, which came first? One thing parents don't think about is the effect that spanking their children has on themselves. Did these cussing, disrespectful people start spanking their children because they were this type of person? Or, did they become this type of person after they'd gone down the path of teaching with hitting?

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  1. I've noticed this difference between the two sides before. People worry about what kids will become like if they are not spanked. I would worry more about seeing how they do become when they are and when they believe in spanking. Sad.


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