Thursday, October 22, 2015

Guest Post: What happens when Christians don't spank?

Ok so this is the deal. We receive compliments ALL.THE.TIME about how well behaved T is. We do not spank him. We do not punish him. We follow some really simple guidelines that help us know how to help him when he's struggling with behavior.

That's it. It's available for everyone. There is tons of support and help for parents who get frustrated. It's really not rocket science.

I get it! I totally get the frustration kids can cause us to have....but it's not their problem, it's our problem. I am in control of me and my reaction to my kiddo. When I'm in control, I notice it's so much easier for him to be in control. When I become impatient and lose control and yell, my child reacts to that with more bad behavior and it takes him longer to get in control.

If I want respect from my child, I have to model respect every time I interact with my child. That's just how it works. So when I hear parents say my child is disrespectful and won't listen, I am left wondering how much respect and listening the parent gives the child.

How you treat your child, your child will treat you. It's called reaping what you sow.

~ Christina Driggers, mother of 4

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