Monday, March 14, 2016

Guest Post from the "Anti Spanking Fight Club" on Facebook

I keep hearing about this "calm spanking" being the one true way to hit a child. I've yet to meet ANY parent who "calmly" spanked. And I'm speaking of Christian and other folk who have claimed that they practice this with their children. Hitting is violence, it causes the adrenal gland to over produce in both the parent, and the unfortunate child.

That's why so many adults who were spanked as children suffer from anxiety, and tend to be fearful. That's why adults who were spanked have a tendency to have weight issues. That's why adults who were spanked don't go outside of their familiar boxes, and they do "safe" things, like jobs where they don't have to think too deeply.

That's why emotions are scary. Feelings are scary. They are terrified of making mistakes. Decisions are painful. So they don't take chances.

That's why they tend to live in the same town forever. That's why adults who were hit have a tendency towards bigotry because they are fearful of different people.

That's why they get headaches and have stomach problems disproportionately over adults who were never spanked. Adults who were raised in true calm environments where purposely inflicted pain was not a part of their upbringing have less fears and are more open to diversity and new experiences.

That's why they feel their biggest accomplishment is never going to jail. That's why they become angry and emotional when they hear of parents who don't practice hurting children's bodies.

How devestating to realize that you were hit for nothing! So the "calmly spanked" adult makes untrue value judgements such as "children who are not spanked shoot up schools." Or "children who are not spanked are lazy and entitled."

And...that's why adults who were hit, hit their own children.

There is no such thing as a "calm" spanking, or an adult who is "perfectly fine" who was calmly spanked as a child. Not saying that people who were hit are terrible people, or dysfunctional people, but you're not "fine" no one is totally "fine" and that in it's self is delusional if you feel that being spanked made you into a great person. None of us are unscathed, even under the most loving of circumstances.

Life hurts at times.

I've been in this world for awhile, I've known you "calmly" spanked adults. Many of you, and you're not fine. You're just blind to your many issues because you were taught to not feel. I'm not writing this to be mean, my heart breaks for you. You are my family, my love ones, my friends and my neighbors. I'm married to a man raised in a "calm spanking" household. Yes you love your parents, yes they loved you, but they were wrong, their parents were wrong and no one is "perfectly fine" for surviving a painful childhood.

Let's do better by our children. Give them a true calm and peaceful upbringing that is pain free. So they don't have to just be "fine." Let's aim for our children to thrive!

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